How Building a Basement Can Increase the Value of Your Home

Down is the new way to upscale your home. If you can’t face the upheaval of moving or you don’t have space to extend outwards, basement construction could be the answer. But can building a basement increase the value of your home? The answer is yes, but not just in the way you might expect.

Increase Value

If you’re thinking about adding a basement to your home, you could expect to see it add 10-15% to its value. The Home Owner’s Alliance believes that figure could even be as high as 20%.

That represents a significant return on your investment, although the actual figure will depend on the finish you choose. You’ll also need to take the cost-value ratio into account when you make any decisions regarding waterproofing and structural groundworks.

Add Liveable Space

We’ve all seen the super iceberg basements with swimming pools and wine cellars. But you might be surprised that most buyers are actually looking for usable space, not fancy features.

Adding an extra guest suite is one option, especially if you don’t have a loft to convert. However, thanks to the pandemic, the most sought after homes in the UK have plenty of space for an office which could be an ideal use for your basement construction.

Before you start a basement project, you need to focus clearly on the use of the space. Unlike a loft conversion, a basement construction puts additional space right where you need it, close to the main living areas in your home. Think playroom, media room or home cinema, or that dream kitchen-diner.

Increasing square footage will add value to your home, but only if you use it wisely. So, perhaps forget the home wine cellar or gym for now and add usable, liveable space instead.

Declutter Your Ground Floor

Otherwise, you can add value to your home by using a small basement construction to declutter your existing ground floor space. For example, you could streamline storage cupboards and cloakrooms by moving them to the basement, improving the flow of your living areas, and creating a stunning open plan space.

Improving the spatial flow of the ground floor, or maximising amazing views, are great ways to add value to your home. Use your basement space wisely to add a utility room, which will tick plenty of boxes for prospective buyers.

Think Space and Light

Today’s property market might prioritise space, but it’s also the quality of the space that matters. So it’s worth extending your basement construction into the garden if possible to enable you to maximise natural light and even add a separate entrance.

To maximise value, prioritise natural light and ceiling height. No one enjoys sitting in a dark and dingy cellar, so add features like light wells and garden views to avoid the feeling that you’re underground.

Increase Cash Flow

If you live in London, consider using your basement construction to create a separate flat with its own entrance. Increasing square footage adds value when you eventually come to sell, but with a basement flat, you can start earning income as soon as the basement conversion is complete.

If you’re constructing a basement flat to let, research the letting market in your area to make sure there’s a demand. Otherwise, a ‘granny flat’ can help the transition from living alone for an older relative or provide a taste of independence for your teens.

J&A Groundworks: The Basement Specialists

Unlike a conversion, basement construction requires specialist foundations and waterproofing, which is where our specialist team of groundwork contractors can help. We can deliver a complete retrofitting package to create a fantastic liveable space that adds value to your home. Contact us today, and we’ll help you find the ideal solution to your groundwork needs.