5 Reasons a Building Should be Demolished

The decision to demolish should not be taken lightly. However, renovation or refurbishment isn’t always the best way forward, even as we head towards carbon zero. 

Sometimes there’s no other choice, and the careful removal of a structure is the best way to clear the space for a new and more energy-efficient project. If you’re wondering whether to renovate or remove, these are the top five reasons why building demolition is the smart choice for your project.


What is building demolition?

Before we look at reasons why building demolition could be the way ahead for your project, let’s explore what’s involved. 

Every building has a ‘design life’ or lifespan, generally 80-100 years. Beyond that time limit, most structures begin to face problems and may need to be safely removed so you can reuse the land.

The demolition process is the best pre-planned way to remove a structure and create space for new sustainable developments.


5 Reasons why building demolition is the best choice

If you’re torn between renovation and tearing down an old structure, these are some of the reasons you might choose building demolition:


1. The building is past its best

Older buildings require a huge amount of maintenance, and there comes a point when endless repairs are no longer cost-effective. Outdated structures can require plenty of investment to bring them up to modern standards.

Structural problems like weakened basement foundations, or issues including poor plumbing and ventilation, can make demolition the best solution. In addition, it’s often cheaper to demolish and rebuild than to renovate.


2. The foundations are faulty

The structural integrity of a building is completely dependent on its foundations. Unfortunately, in many older buildings, the infrastructure has degraded to the point that it’s simply not economic to keep the building standing. 

Uneven floors, damp and mould can be sure signs that the foundations are compromised. However, house demolition is generally the best solution once you weigh up the costs of shoring up the foundations against building a new structure.  


3. To increase value

House prices may be rising, but sometimes the only way to add value to a property is to knock it down. Homebuyers are put off by a property that looks abandoned or dilapidated. There’s a big difference between a doer-upper and a building nobody will touch. 

Building demolition is the best way to clear a plot in a desirable location and expand or rebuild to suit the current market.


4. You’re planning to sell

If you’re planning to sell a plot in a good location, but there’s an abandoned property, demolition services can help clear the land, creating a blank canvas. 

You’ll be able to sell the plot with planning permission under permitted development rights, provided any development is residential, not commercial. A prior approval application will be necessary, so it’s worth consulting your local planning office. 


5. It’s dangerous

Flood and storm damage can cause a considerable amount of damage. For example, if flood water seeps into the foundations, it can undermine the infrastructure of the building. Likewise, fire can destroy a building’s structural integrity. There may be dangerous materials, such as lead, asbestos and mercury (note that specialists will need to remove these before demolition) or vermin infestations in the building. 

In these situations, demolition may be the safest course of action. 


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